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2:25min sound video on mix media collage,  acrylic painting on paper, nest made of natural branches, glockenspiel 


This project is about weaving and plaiting through a memory. Its core is a braided nest made of a natural branches, with a colorful glockenspiel in the middle of it.

Past comes back with a sound of the old children’s play. It’s combining the real with the real-like dream. It’s made of something that you never said. It was gone before you were there.


The Old Bear is sleep, sleep, sleep

The Old Bear is sleep in deep

We afraid of him so we tiptoe on the grass

Cause when he’s up – he will eat us


[old Polish nursery rhyme]


The installation itself stems not only from an old nursery rhyme titled “The Old Bear is sleep, sleep, sleep”, but also from a book containing a collection of deep-rooted legends by People from the North. Those legends comprise both fear and wonder of the forest, with its many animals, especially bears. But this book is also a very personal memory as it was given to me by my father when I was four.

It brings questions about the relation between collective and autobiographical MEMORIES of which our personal sensation of life is created. To what extent we are made of this bleary and misty tales?



Artist Statement


Art for me is an incessant process of asking questions.

Whether it’s based on a visible world of nature, or the imaginary world of physics and its underlying philosophical concepts – it is always about the mystery of existence.

It is about a tangible world and the way it takes us to its secrecy, so we cannot see what is real, and what is not.

It is about the human need of understanding the state of one self, through the physical body, a self-memory, and the construction of ego.

It is a constant question: What are we the most, and what is the essence of our being?


© 2015 by MEMORYartproject

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